Tuesday, 29 May 2012

May's Favourite 2012

Hello everyone ! Im back ! ( ^ v ^ )
Sorry for not updating last couple days .
But dont worry , now im back .

Today's topic wasnt really that fun actually but i really love to share with you guys , its my may's favourite !
I know May wasnt really end yet but I just wanna to make it abit earlier since I might busy next week ( T ^ T )

Oh well , Im not a proffessional makeup artist . i am not ! 
But i love makeup . My collection are not that much , but Im grateful with all I have now .

So !!!! Lets get started !! ( ^ o ^ )

For this month ! Im just dont even know why , but these babies are my favourite . 
Super gorgeous coral peachy & orange . 
From the left : Etude House Look at Lipstick in shade No.2 ( coral peach ) , Etude House Look at Lipstick in shade No.9 ( Nude coral ) & IN2IT Moisture Intense Lipstick in shade Juice ( Matte Orange )

All of these lipstick was totally moist , pigment & creamy ! Just love them so much ! 

Im not that kind of person whose like eyeshadow so much , so for my everyday's look , it will be just eyeliner .
And this two babies , Oh well ! They're awesome !
From the top : Etude House LUCIDarling Fantastic Brush Eyeliner (black) & Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner (black) .

The Etude House's eyeliner was super great ! because it is super waterproof ! I like it ! But i didnt really use it for my everyday's look but i do wear it during I've did some dramatic's look which is i want the eyeliner look super perfect ! 

For the Maybelline's eyeliner , its my 2nd one actually . because i love it so much & decide to get it more ! ( ^ v ^ )

Both brush are totally thin & perfectly work for whose love making wing's eyeliner . 

For mascara , I didnt really use the branded one .
I am more prefer drugstore , since they're more cheaper & easy to get .
From the top : Maybelline Volume Express the Falsies (black) & Maybelline Volume Express the Magnum (brown)

Yeah ! both are from Maybelline ! Who said drugstore wasnt that fancy ! They're more worth than other branded mascara .

Both are also waterproof , which is the best ! I LOVE THEM ! <3

And last ! My topping ! haha . 
Lip balms , Lip gloss & Lip tint .
From the left : (top) Etude House Hug me Lip balm in shade I MISS YOU - orange flavor , (bottom) Etude House Shini Star Lip balm in shade #1 Peach Hot Pink , Etude House Dear Darling Gloss in shade #12 - bubble gum flavor & Holika Holika Holy Berry Tint in shade 02 Strawberry .

They are so creamy & moist . For those who love their cosmetic in fruit's flavor , you guys should get this ! 
Most of the times , Im just eat them because they're so yummy ! hahaha 
( ^ v ^ )

Tell me about your favourite this month ! 
I will update more as soon as possible , Take care <3

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  1. very lovely post...I love the lipsticks :)
    Keep the posts coming :) :)