Friday, 25 May 2012

Spring 2012 : Animal print

Hello everyone ! ( * 3 * )
Today's topic were super exciting !
seriously ! no kidding . ( ^ v ^ )

Animal print ! which is very famous in 60's .
Nowadays alot of designers turn back into past & back in 60's where all this animal's print was popular .
Of course every season have animal's print but in spring it will be abit difference .
why its difference ? oh Well I dont know . LOL xD

Just kidding , usually each season have their own level of thickness in cloth .
For example in winter , there will be thicker than other season since its totally cold & freeze !
As in spring , there will be not too thick & not too thin , which is in the middle .
The design also takes alot of difference on cutting of shape , type & pattern .
Thats why spring is the exciting season ever !

As Im talking about designing , theres alot of famous designer & brand out there making their own collection based on animal's print .
Let me show you some of their design / collection ( ^ v ^ )

Michael Kors


Reem Acra

Gorgeous right ! Im super in love with Michael Kors's design ! super amazing ready to wear collection .

Oh well , thats not it . In fashion its not all about the dress , how about the accessories !
In accessory , There will be alot of type , wheither its a jewelry , or maybe purse or shoe .
Here is some picture of them !

Jolie Miss

Jeremy Scott ( Adidas )

Mark Mcnairy

Alexander McQueen

Christian Laubaotin

Dolce & Gabbana

Roberto Cavalli


Arent they such a beauty ? How can i say no to all this ? Super gorgeous ! 

Now you tell me which one do you like or give me your favourite animal's print design / collection from any designer you like . 
I'll be back next week , since Im totally busy this week . 
But as soon i get back , i will update some more for you guys ! Take care fellas <3

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