Wednesday, 23 January 2013

BEAUTY FROM LIZ : 2nd Year Anniversary International Giveaway

Hello guys !!!
I know , I have being posting out alot of giveaway right now .
Its not just me that enter them but i want to share with you guys that some of my favourite bloggers having their giveaway .
And of course you can enter them as well .

Liz is such a lovely blogger , she's having her 2nd year anniversary !
wow !!! congrats girl !!!
Love her post , I always check out her latest review as Im so in love with her writing .
English is not her 1st language but she tried & I love it !
Practice makes perfect ! 

So here is the link to her blog giveaway !
click them to enter it !

GOOD LUCK !!!!! xoxo

Monday, 21 January 2013

THE BEAUTY & THE CHEAP : 1st Year Anniversary Giveaway

Woahhh !!! this is amazing !!
She's became one of my favourite blogger & love her review .
Not just details but she so professional with her word .

This is her 1st year of anniversary .
wow !!!! This is the most cherish moment in her life for able to make a giveaway !

I wish I can make mine soon ! :)

This is amazing !!!

Go to her blog to enter her 2nd year anniversary giveaway , she has alot of fun gifts .
can't wait until the day she announce the winner , even though it will not be me but I'm excited to know !!

Click this link for giveaway entry !

GOOD LUCK !!! xoxo

DREAM MAKEUP : Sigma Beauty Essential Brush Kit Giveaway

This is another amazing giveaway .
As you might know , Sigma was known as the best makeup brushes ever !!!!
I also have a few of their brushes & I love them .
Love the quality but its a bit too expensive .
Well its totally worth it !

So some people might want to get it but can't since they cant afford to buy one .
This is the chance for you to win these amazing brushes !!!!

Dream Makeup is having their giveaway for Sigma Beauty Essential Brush Kit .
They come with 12 difference brushes & in amazing colors which you can pick yourself .
Thats amazing !!!!!

GOOD LUCK !!!! xoxo

Corallista 2nd year anniversary giveaway

Woahhh !!! this is amazing !!
She's always my favourite blogger & love her review .
Not just details but she so professional with her word .

This is her 2nd year of anniversary .
wow !!! I didn't even wrote for 2years yet , but she did !
This is amazing !!!

Go to her blog to enter her 2nd year anniversary giveaway , she has alot of fun gifts .
can't wait until the day she announce the winner , even though it will not be me but I'm excited to know !!


GOOD LUCK !!!! xoxo

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Review : MUA Lipsticks

Hello everyone ! 
It's being a while .
I'm back with review for my new MUA's lipsticks .
I've bought 3 of them .
Oh well I guess I'm lucky for bought them at RM 25 for 3 .

Yeah I know ! Amazing right !
So , here is the shade that I've purchased .

 From left : Shade 13 , Juicy Shade 15 & Shade 4


Personally , I've NEVER like bright red color . 
But since its on sale so I wanna try though . 
I like it but seems like this is too BRIGHT for me . I'm not a person who can wear red color , so bad ! 
But I will give it to my mom because she loves red lipstick . 
Classy huh ! hahaha =D


This one is my fav !
I don't know why but nude is totally my color .
Warm earthy color are my bestfriend because they're suitable for my skin tone .
So I am defitnitely love this . 


OMG ! ! ! Isn't it so cute ? I love this ! <3 <3 <3
Not as much as I love my nude one but this is so adorable .
I'm feel like eating it because it's look likes bubble gums . haha =D
I'm not usually like pink that much but Of course I'm a girl too ! 
There is no way a girl never say PINK are cute . 
They really are cute .
But there is one thing about this shade that I don't recomend for you to purchase it if you're medium to dark skin tone .
The color like invisible once you apply it on your lips . 
I don't know why but soon as I'd apply on my lips , the color wasn't as bright as the lipstick itself .
=( pretty sad .

* Very smooth & Moist ( love it )

* All the shades are MATTE ! ! ! ( yeah ! matte I said ) 

* It's cheap & affordable . I bought it on sale RM 25 for 3 . But the retail price also not expensive . 1 pound ( RM 8 )

* Easy to get it since alot of people sell it online now .

* The color for my shade 13 & Juicy shade 15 are vey pigmented

* Long lasting about 4-6 hours .

* Love the packaging because it has color on the bottom so you don't have to open the lid to see the color inside .

* I love their scent . haha =D I know it's weird but I love it ! smell like gum or something like candy


Overall , I love them but not so much because I'm dissapointed with my shade 4 . I wish it has the right color as it has on the lipstick itself . 
I hope you like my review & I will keep updating if I could . 
Until next time , Bye ! =)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Big Haul - Elf , Nyx , Loreal & Clinique

Hello everyone !
It's been a while since my last update .
I've being sicked for a week . ( T ^ T ) 
This haul will be in 2part which is the brand new product & 2nd one which is I've bought from someone whose didn't want it anymore ( ^ v ^ )

Well , forget about it . Now let's get into the fun part !
Yay !!!!
I've being waiting for this chance like forever ! hahaha xD
Actually it's not really a big haul but for me it's kinda big .

Let get started , shall we ? ( ^ v ^ )

First I will start with Elf , because there is too many of them .

Here is the Complete Coverage Concealer from Elf . I've purchased the medium shade . It also came with little concealer brush which is I thought really cute . 
Price = RM 21 

This is the Elf Essential Beauty Book in Bronzed . There are the swatches . It also came with 1 eyeprimer , 1 eyeliner pencil & 1 eyeshadow brush . They all in mini size ! hahahaha xD sooooo cute ! <3
Price = RM 34.50

This is Elf Studio Matte Lip Color . I've got 3 shades ( Nearly Nude , Coral & Natural ) . 
Price = RM 17 each

This is Elf Mineral Lipstick . For this one I've also got 3 shades ( Cool Coral , Nicely Nude & Party Pink )
Price = RM 19 each

This is the biggest one I think ! hahaha xD Elf Essential 5-pieces Get The Look Eye Set in Smokey . It's came with Trio Eyeshadows ( Dark Blue , Silver & Dark Grey ) , Liquid Eyeliner in Black , Mascara , Eyeshadow Brush & Eyelashes Curler . 
Price = RM 30 

2nd brand is Nyx . I didn't really get alot from nyx but here they are .

This is Nyx Jumbo Lip Pencil . I've got it in Fushia & Honey Nectar . Both are more into nude coral color . So I really2 like them . 
Price = RM 15 each

This is the Nyx Retractable Lip Liner in Nude . I don't really wear lip liner so this is my first time purchased one & I like it , Nuce are definetly my favourite one ! ( ^ v ^ )
Price = RM 17

The third purchase are Loreal Paris .

Actually I've bought the Loreal Paris True Match Foundation in shade Golden Beige ( G3 ) last month & I really like it so I'm re-purchased 1 more . But at the same time I saw new product which is really caught my eyes ! hahahaha xD It's a Loreal Paris Le Teint True Match Foundation in shade Nude Beige ( N4 )
The reason why it caught my eyes on it , their shade are more darker than the true match one . they are like more matte & nude . Obviously because their shade also in nude kinda name . nude beige , nude sand . Something like that . So I thought I wanna try one .
They're both are super blendable with SPF 17 but the true match one it's has Hyaluronic Acid which is I don't even know what that means . Hahahaha xD 
But I do like both of them ! 
Loreal Paris True Match Foundation Price = RM 43
Loreal Paris Le Teint True Match Foundation Price = RM 52

Okay now I will show you the used products that I've purchased .

This is the Clinique Lip Gloss in Pink Me Up (06) & Berry Boost (09) . 
Price = RM 30 both

This is Nyx Round Lipstick in Champagne . Actually there is two of them but the other one was broken & the person change it with this Elf Lip Gloss .

This Elf Lip Gloss is in shade Berry Cherry .
Price = RM 15 both

Here is the swatches ( ^ v ^ )

So overall thats it for my haul ( ^ o ^ ) hahahaha .
Since I've purchased alot of Elf products , So next haul I wanna get some of Urban Decay or any other brand .

I hope you guys like my haul & I will update some more soon ! Bye <3

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sexy Bronzed Look

Hello everyone !
It's being a while since my last updated .
I'm not going anywhere actually , but I'm kinda not in the mood for updating anything .
Haha =D

So , yeah ! I'm back with new makeup look .
Actually I've been tagged for doing this challenge .
So i thought yeah sure , why not !
Since it's a nice theme & very interesting ( ^ v ^ )

So the theme is BRONZE .
Oh well , my skin was kinda like medium tone .
So , i don't have that bronze or tanned on my skin .
But Hello !!! this is makeup challenge !
Haha ( ^ o ^ ) I can't cheat by using bronzer & some of dark foundation .
kekekekeke ~

Here's the Makeup Challenge 

The rules are included on the picture .

Here's some picture of bronze look if you guys didn't really get the picture what I'm talking about .

As you can see in the picture above , This look are very sensualistic & sexy elegant .

Here's the picture of myself & let's get started the tutorial .

* Apply any darker foundation than your original skin tone & concealer under eyes or any spot & finish it with some loose powder to set the foundation .

* Define your eyebrows , for mine , I'm using dark brown eyeshadow because it will look so much natural .

* Primed your eyes , this will make your eyeshadow will stay alot longer .

* Apply medium brown eyeshadow on your crease area , the reason why I'm starting with the crease area , it will make the eyeshadow that you apply later easier to blend out .

* Taking a golden or rusty eyeshadow , for mine it will be golden one since I want it to look super classic . Apply it into your eyelid area . 

* After that , take the dark brown eyeshadow & work on the end of your eye & blend it into the crease area . Do not blend it to much because you don't want it to look bold . 

* Take the clean blending brush & blend the harsh line .

* With the angle brush , take the black eyeshadow , apply on your upper lash line , simply make the winged & blend into the dark brown eyeshadow . This will make the eyeshadow look more gradiant & smokey .

* With small pointed brush , take the dark eyeshadow & apply it on your lower lash line until half of it & continue with golden eyeshadow

* Apply liquid eyeliner on the upper lash line & make a winged .

* Apply silver eyeliner on your waterline . Also take the silver glitter eyeliner & apply it on the inner corner & under the black winged eyeliner .

* Taking a highlight or pearl eyeshadow , apply it under your eyebrow & inner corner of your eyes .

* Curl your lashes & apply mascara , to make it more dramatic , apply the false eyelashes .

* Apply bronzer into your cheek bone area to make your cheek look more slimmer . & also apply it on your jawsline & some on your forehead .

* Do not forget about the blush , it is also important ! ( ^ v ^ ) with peach shimmer blush , slightly apply it on the apple of your cheek . This will make your face look more sexy with abit of warm tone .

* Conture your nose with the same bronzer . it will make your nose look alot slimmer .

* For the lips , use the nude matte lipstick & apply brown or nude lipgloss only in the center to make it look abit shiny .

This look is definitely a great look for summer & hang out at the beach side ! 
So gorgeous & it's not hard right ? Very simple . ( ^ v ^ )

So give it a try & I will update some more soon ~!

GOOD LUCK ! ( ^ v ^ )