Thursday, 24 May 2012

Spring 2012 : Floral Pattern

Hello everyone ! ( ^ v ^ )
How are you today ? I was totally in great mood !
why ? Its spring for sure & im in a very great mood because today's topic is going to be about floral pattern/concept !

Oh well , as you can imagine in spring .
Theres alot of flowers on hills or fields & everywhere .
Super relaxing & calm . I love that kind of mood .
( ^ , ^ )

Floral is not only about flower , its all about the green things , grass also can include into this category .
I dont know about you guys , but for me a healthy grass look so beautiful & also the one thats dying , they even pretty when they're about to die . 

In spring 2012 , theres alot of designer making a collection based on floral . Floral shape , floral print/pattern & floral sensual ! 
Its like flower's field on dress . super gorgeous ! <3

My favourite designer's Anna Sui , also came out with floral's collection this year .
As you might know , Anna Sui was totally well known in her Floral pattern on every her design .
Also the same as her cosmetic packaging design . such a lovely roses concept ! 
& she also love playing with bright colors , So that why I love her so much  ! She just so inspiring me . 

Here is some of her spring 2012 collection in Floral .

I love they way she made all those flower's print ! I also love the cutting shape of short dress . Lovely !

She also came out with new cosmetic collection for spring . Its Anna Sui's magic rose fairy spring 2012 collection . 
Here is some picture of them ( ^ v ^ )

Just a lovely combination of colors ! Love it !

Now thats Anna Sui Im talking about ! but what about other designer ? 
How can i forget about them . 

Here is some of the collection from selected designer/brand that i love .

Louis Vuitton


Christopher Kane

Ralph Lauren

Super pretty right ? Hope you guys like it . & tell me about whose your favourite designer's collection in floral . :) 
I will update more soon , Take care fellas <3

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