Monday, 18 June 2012

Back ! with new makeup look ( challenge )

Hello everyone ! 
Haha im back ! it has being 3weeks since my last updated .

So excited getting my time back after such a busy weeks . (o , O)

As in my title today , i have post out some new makeup look picture on my facebook .
It's actually a challenge picture .
It based on Coral Orchid flower . 
A very nice & beautiful flower , so it can be anything , the color , pattern or can be unique .

So , i've decided to make the color & the orchid shape .
I like the theme actually because i have never tried something like that before .

Contest Theme : Coral Orchid

This is the flower that i've mention above .
sweet right ? ( ^ v ^ ) personally i love the color .
It's not only coral but it has abit of purple .
Very cute ! <3

My Makeup Look <3

This is the shape of flower that i've being inspired . The lighting & camera that i use not really good in quality .
So it came out like that without focusing the details .

This is the front look , after done with this makeup , i am actually found that . This is a very romantic look for a date .
With sweet coral + pink purple & abit of sparkling silver on the inner corner my eyes .
It just make my eyes look super sparkles ! ( * w * )

Tell how do you guys like it or not ? Give me your opinion .

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