Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sexy Bronzed Look

Hello everyone !
It's being a while since my last updated .
I'm not going anywhere actually , but I'm kinda not in the mood for updating anything .
Haha =D

So , yeah ! I'm back with new makeup look .
Actually I've been tagged for doing this challenge .
So i thought yeah sure , why not !
Since it's a nice theme & very interesting ( ^ v ^ )

So the theme is BRONZE .
Oh well , my skin was kinda like medium tone .
So , i don't have that bronze or tanned on my skin .
But Hello !!! this is makeup challenge !
Haha ( ^ o ^ ) I can't cheat by using bronzer & some of dark foundation .
kekekekeke ~

Here's the Makeup Challenge 

The rules are included on the picture .

Here's some picture of bronze look if you guys didn't really get the picture what I'm talking about .

As you can see in the picture above , This look are very sensualistic & sexy elegant .

Here's the picture of myself & let's get started the tutorial .

* Apply any darker foundation than your original skin tone & concealer under eyes or any spot & finish it with some loose powder to set the foundation .

* Define your eyebrows , for mine , I'm using dark brown eyeshadow because it will look so much natural .

* Primed your eyes , this will make your eyeshadow will stay alot longer .

* Apply medium brown eyeshadow on your crease area , the reason why I'm starting with the crease area , it will make the eyeshadow that you apply later easier to blend out .

* Taking a golden or rusty eyeshadow , for mine it will be golden one since I want it to look super classic . Apply it into your eyelid area . 

* After that , take the dark brown eyeshadow & work on the end of your eye & blend it into the crease area . Do not blend it to much because you don't want it to look bold . 

* Take the clean blending brush & blend the harsh line .

* With the angle brush , take the black eyeshadow , apply on your upper lash line , simply make the winged & blend into the dark brown eyeshadow . This will make the eyeshadow look more gradiant & smokey .

* With small pointed brush , take the dark eyeshadow & apply it on your lower lash line until half of it & continue with golden eyeshadow

* Apply liquid eyeliner on the upper lash line & make a winged .

* Apply silver eyeliner on your waterline . Also take the silver glitter eyeliner & apply it on the inner corner & under the black winged eyeliner .

* Taking a highlight or pearl eyeshadow , apply it under your eyebrow & inner corner of your eyes .

* Curl your lashes & apply mascara , to make it more dramatic , apply the false eyelashes .

* Apply bronzer into your cheek bone area to make your cheek look more slimmer . & also apply it on your jawsline & some on your forehead .

* Do not forget about the blush , it is also important ! ( ^ v ^ ) with peach shimmer blush , slightly apply it on the apple of your cheek . This will make your face look more sexy with abit of warm tone .

* Conture your nose with the same bronzer . it will make your nose look alot slimmer .

* For the lips , use the nude matte lipstick & apply brown or nude lipgloss only in the center to make it look abit shiny .

This look is definitely a great look for summer & hang out at the beach side ! 
So gorgeous & it's not hard right ? Very simple . ( ^ v ^ )

So give it a try & I will update some more soon ~!

GOOD LUCK ! ( ^ v ^ )


  1. so pretty! i would wear this look all day!

    1. Yes it is very suitable for everyday look :) Thanks for view :)

  2. Very pretty! Thank you very much for following me!

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