Sunday, 30 December 2012

Review : MUA Lipsticks

Hello everyone ! 
It's being a while .
I'm back with review for my new MUA's lipsticks .
I've bought 3 of them .
Oh well I guess I'm lucky for bought them at RM 25 for 3 .

Yeah I know ! Amazing right !
So , here is the shade that I've purchased .

 From left : Shade 13 , Juicy Shade 15 & Shade 4


Personally , I've NEVER like bright red color . 
But since its on sale so I wanna try though . 
I like it but seems like this is too BRIGHT for me . I'm not a person who can wear red color , so bad ! 
But I will give it to my mom because she loves red lipstick . 
Classy huh ! hahaha =D


This one is my fav !
I don't know why but nude is totally my color .
Warm earthy color are my bestfriend because they're suitable for my skin tone .
So I am defitnitely love this . 


OMG ! ! ! Isn't it so cute ? I love this ! <3 <3 <3
Not as much as I love my nude one but this is so adorable .
I'm feel like eating it because it's look likes bubble gums . haha =D
I'm not usually like pink that much but Of course I'm a girl too ! 
There is no way a girl never say PINK are cute . 
They really are cute .
But there is one thing about this shade that I don't recomend for you to purchase it if you're medium to dark skin tone .
The color like invisible once you apply it on your lips . 
I don't know why but soon as I'd apply on my lips , the color wasn't as bright as the lipstick itself .
=( pretty sad .

* Very smooth & Moist ( love it )

* All the shades are MATTE ! ! ! ( yeah ! matte I said ) 

* It's cheap & affordable . I bought it on sale RM 25 for 3 . But the retail price also not expensive . 1 pound ( RM 8 )

* Easy to get it since alot of people sell it online now .

* The color for my shade 13 & Juicy shade 15 are vey pigmented

* Long lasting about 4-6 hours .

* Love the packaging because it has color on the bottom so you don't have to open the lid to see the color inside .

* I love their scent . haha =D I know it's weird but I love it ! smell like gum or something like candy


Overall , I love them but not so much because I'm dissapointed with my shade 4 . I wish it has the right color as it has on the lipstick itself . 
I hope you like my review & I will keep updating if I could . 
Until next time , Bye ! =)


  1. i LOVE the bright red and pink colors! they're so beautiful!!

    also, I've nominated you for the liebster award :D you can check my post for more info :

  2. Beautiful colors.*_*
    Maybe follow each other???
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  3. Ooh, they are gorgeous lipsticks!
    It's good that they turned out quite well!
    Love the shades of them all! ^^

  4. Nice colors!!! would you like to follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  5. great review! Looking forward to your upcoming ones!